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Norglass Slip Resistant Paving Paint leading the way in durability and performance

The Norglass brand of Slip Resistant Paving Paint is showing its muscle and proving itself to be the leader when it comes to durability and performance.

Stockists of Norglass products are reporting a significant upturn in consumer requests for the superior Norglass brand, as complaints about other leading brands of Paving paint are becoming more frequent. One leading competitor has been forced to delete a popular range of paving paint due to the continuing problem of poor performance in heavy traffic.

The Norglass brand of paving paint is a fast drying low sheen product built for durability. The plastic granuals used in the manufacturing process provide a uniform texture that helps protect against wear & tear. Our paving paint comes in a great range of standard colours, at a competitive price, and consistently outperforms the competition.

See your nearest stockist for more information on this product.

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