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Norglass is not just paints!

We pride ourselves on customer service and we love getting feedback like this. Thanks Heather!

Several weeks ago I began what I now realise was quite a big project in my home which involved removing, sanding and painting my vinyl wrapped kitchen and bathroom cupboards and drawers. Norglass primer and paint was recommended for the job but as a complete novice I needed quite a bit of advice.

I phoned your factory and spoke to Brett several times (in fact, probably at least half a dozen times!) to ask for assistance and advice on how best to use your products. I would like to sincerely thank him for his courtesy, knowledge and patience. Never once did he show any sign of annoyance at my rather constant calls over the few days and was extremely knowledgeable on the preparation and use of the paints I was using. Even your receptionist, Mel, was pleasant each time I phoned and never once made me feel like a nuisance.

I hope this can be passed on to management so that the company is aware of the great job done by those who are the public face of company. Based on the service I received I would recommend your products to others. I sincerely thank Brett for his help – I’m still putting the cupboards back on but the finish looks great and I am really pleased with the outcome.

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