Norglass Paints and Specialty Finishes

This product line has been discontinued. The page is archived here for those who still have cans and need MSDS or other safety information.

Epoxy Mortar

A unique high strength product for repairing or filling concrete surfaces – wet or dry. Will also set underwater. Has a similar texture to wet concrete when mixed and can be steel trowelled (using water as a lubricant) during application. Ideal for repairing concrete floors where forklift use causes breakup of the surface. Unaffected by heavy traffic. Base (white) and hardener (black) provides a mid grey colour when uniformly mixed.

Sizes83.2kg (48L), 10.4kg (6L), and 1.3kg (750ml) packs
Mixing Ratio2:1 by volume
Data sheet

SDS (Safety Data Sheet)