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Refurbishing fibreglass shower floors

Norglass recently received a call from a member of a caravan club about a common wear and tear problem for Fibreglass showers bases in caravans and mobile homes.

Rather than go to the expense of replacing the whole thing, Norglass was able to recommend the required product from our range, NORTHANE, which is one of the few on the market that is totally waterproof in the cured film.

NORTHANE will not allow bacterial matter into the cured paint, making it the perfect solution for this situation.

Step by step instructions were given for preparation & application, and the result was a near new shower base, and a happy caravan enthusiast who has gladly recommended the Norglass brand to the other members of his club.

Please see our information guide – Refurbishing Fibreglass Shower Floors (PDF) – for more information about this problem.

Northane is also the perfect solution for benchtops, tables and other eating surfaces, fish ponds, wooden toys and any surface that requires food grade application standards.

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