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Norglass is more than marine paint

river table

The name Norglass is often associated in the industry as being a Marine-based range of products. While we do consider ourselves a perfect choice for painting your boat or trailer, the versatility of our products has moved us even further into the hardware and paint specialist market.

An example is the recent emergence of our product LIQUID GLASS EPOXY RESIN and its use in making decorative items and furniture such as river tables. These tables have created quite a buzz on social media. Users love the level of creativity that can be achieved when tinting our high-quality clear filler with LIQUID GLASS COLOURANTS – which can be added to make wonderful patterns and designs. You can visit our Facebook page for examples of just how fantastic these tables can look.

Another example is our product NORTHANE. Northane is a tough-wearing, food and chemical resistant surface coating. While it’s great on boats – the chemical resistance means no toxins leech into the water to scare off the fish – the quality of NORTHANE means that is has become increasingly popular in many other areas.

NORTHANE’s chemical resistance makes it perfect for commercial cafes, pubs and bars as a coating on tables, bench and bar tops. It also has many uses around the home. For example, if you have a powder-coated garage door that has faded or simply doesn’t go with the new colour scheme, NORTHANE is the perfect solution. It’s chemically cured and colourfast, which means it’s substantial enough to take the handling – unlike other gloss acrylic of exterior enamel. You can expect a service life of over 15 years. Bathroom cabinets coated in NORTHANE are also unaffected by moisture and steam, while laminated kitchen cupboard doors can be coated with NORTHANE like they are brand new, with exactly the same durability.

For outdoor uses, there is much more to NORTHANE than simply boats. On sandstone walls, NORTHANE CLEAR is water-clear and will provide a barrier against graffiti when cured – all without affecting the stone work. Fish ponds are also a problem area that NORTHANE can solve. Single-pack paints will soften, swell up and delaminate, while epoxies will be toxic to the fish. NORTHANE is waterproof, colour-stable and completely non-toxic. Healthy fish and pond! NORTHANE’s excellent chemical resistance also makes it perfect for painting cattle trucks or horse floats. The corrosive effect of urine will not damage the coating – pressure hose it down and it’s like brand new. Grain and fertilizer hoppers, exactly the same thing. NORTHANE can even liven up drinking water troughs. It looks good and is easy to clean.

The range and uses of Norglass products means there is something for every imagination. You can also like us on Facebook to see how our products can benefit your project and watch our exclusive DIYs.

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