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With 56 years experience in the surface coatings industry, which embraces paints, glues, clears and more, I have learnt one thing… you can never have too much knowledge about what product to use where.

A can of paint to most people is an unknown. They know it is a liquid and has colour and smell but that is where it ends, the rest is embroiled in the promotional hype.

Having lectured to countless people across the South Pacific Basin over 40 years, I quickly learned that explanations had to be in layman terms i.e. a varnish is a paint without the pigment (in simplistic terms), and consumers could relate to that. At venues across Australia I have had audiences sit for up to 4 hours, to try to get a better understanding of what product they need to suit their project, or solve their problem. As an example, a farmer who uses a stock crate to transport his cattle wants a paint product for his road train that is resistant to urine and faeces, or a consumer that needs a fish pond coating that won’t hurt the fish… getting the right information is the only solution.

That’s why at our Norglass website we have hundreds of pages of easy to understand guides and data sheets to walk the consumer through the minefield of mis-information… backed up with a Technical Advisory Service to fill in the blanks. It’s not just about knowing what product you need, it’s about having all the information so that you can save on money and labour. Rectifying a problem that has been wrongly assessed will usually be 3 to 4 times the original outlay… and that’s your money.

Les Baker, Managing Director of Norglass Paints & Specialty Finishes

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