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New! Microshield Premium Varnish

  • Superior longevity
  • Ultra high gloss
  • Maximum performance
  • Interior or exterior use

Norglass research and development over the years has strived to produce a superior product in clear coatings… and now we have succeeded!

MICROSHIELD VARNISH combines the latest values in u/v inhibitors and stabilisers, with the best blend of premium resins to give the user maximum performance in a clear gloss finish.

How does this work?

The u/v inhibitors soak up the suns rays, converting them into heat and then provide for their egress, through dissipation within the film. The stabilisers protect the coating by rendering the “free radicals” of u/v inert and neutralising them. Then they regenerate themselves and proceed to continue the protecting process throughout the coatings life.

The balance of selected resins offers excellent flexibility (to reduce brittleness) and extends the lifespan of the coating, at the same time maintaining a tough abrasion resistant clear gloss. Microshield is also a low odour coating when used internally on doors and panelling.

Application by brush and/or mohair roller provides superb gloss and flow characteristics.

MICROSHIELD VARNISH is available in 10L, 4L, 2L, 1L and 500mls. For your nearest stockist, type in your postcode at the top of this page, or contact Norglass on 02 9708 2200.

Posted Saturday November 7, 2015