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A Minefield of “Expert” Misguided Information

A current discussion forum on the National 125 Sailing Association website produced some classic comments to a request for a recommendation about using a 2 pack paint for a 125 hull – see web link.

At the outset let me state that a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing… When soliciting information, there is no substitute for the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Whilst some of the suggestions made are sincere, others can put the user into a minefield of confusion, and result in an expensive repair and repaint, because of misguided comments.

It appalls me to hear and read such “professed statements” around the waterfront. It’s rife with “self-styled experts”, and it’s not just the cost of the product system used, it’s the multiplier costs of the rectification incurred. Just because someone says “I’ve been a painter for 20 years” does not validate their advice on the use of a product. Manufacturers of products have professionally qualified people to quantify, research, evaluate and design compatible systems for the substrate to be treated… with decades of expertise behind them.

Brand selection is a subjective choice, and can be made on availability and price, but the most important decision must be made on what the chosen manufacturer states in their literature. Accept the information and reject any user comments, no matter how well intended they may seem. Be wary of supplier comments or recommendations also, as these are often off the mark too. Confirm their statements with the manufacturer’s printed material, before proceeding. Often we get consumer calls with problems, where they have been sold, or used general purpose thinners instead of our stated one, and ended up having to rectify the job by re-coating. Do not mix and match different brands on the same job either, as incompatibility will render any manufacturers warranty void.

As the saying goes… when all else fails – read the instructions.

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